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Wake up your table with Early Bird Designs. We are an independent shop that creates small-batch functional ceramics for your table.  The style is whimsical and rustic with an easy-going charm. Curate your own collection of plates, cups, bowls and platters, creating a personal set that prompts stories over dinner with family and friends. The designs complement heirloom pieces and keepsakes, which reflect a gathered style that is uniquely you.

Each piece is made entirely by hand; from forming the clay and drawing original images, to glaze formulation and firing. The handmade quality of each piece is important - leaving traces of the maker’s hands and the soft clay with a small dent or off-round shape. Free-hand drawings are inspired from vintage engravings and the backyard garden. Designs are carved and inlaid with a dark liquid clay (slip), becoming an integral part of the piece and contrast to the alabaster color of the porcelain. Finally, touches of color are added and kiln-fired twice to a durable glossy finish. Lovely when displayed on their own, but equally at home when put to daily use.